The Compass Tent

  • Music Festivals

The Compass Presents Tent has featured at Shambala Festival for the last 6 years, showcasing our trademark dedication to all things playful and silly! With Mr Wiggles, in-house clown, installed with sinister jokes and crazy contraptions designed to make you giggle, wiggle and squirm, there’s no end to the fun! With an eclectic mix of new indie bands, cabaret, and dawn-seducing DJs, the compass stage brings brand-new talent and late-night feel-good fiestas to the lovely people of Shambala. Crazy installations include Compass Teleconfusions network of festival phones, the orgasmic love-boat, the strong man competition, and the laughing clown… Come and see what new feats of silliness we have added for your merriment!

“You can always guarantee on the Compass tent to bring something you have never seen before. It bonkers, bewildering and bloody brilliant!”

“Where else can you see cult cinema, burlesque, cross dressing DJ’s, top quality bands and a Northwest Hardcore set all in one evening?”

If you are a band, artist, performer or you simply have some wild ideas that you think would go down a storm in our festival tent – please get in touch! 

Compass Presents… Teleconfusion @ Shambala Festival 2013 from Compass Presents on Vimeo.