• Interactive, Music Festivals

Teleconfusion comprise a network of phones designed to connect and confuse. Whether installed in a portaloo, hidden in woodland, or on a busy thoroughfare random and riotous connections ensue! Phones and phone boxes can be imaginatively integrated into any festival or environment, with themed designs and interactive messaging systems.Teleconfusion has featured at Glastonbury Festival, Boomtown Fair, Shamabla Festival, Bristol’s Watershed Media Centre and Larmertree Festival.

“We actually met up with one guy at the Tribe of Frog stage –spent the whole day together!”

“I booked a date with a girl at the town centre –She had to guess who I was! Loved every minute!”

“I loved these phones! One morning we spent about 45 minutes talking to random people – it was hilarious! I think they should be rolled out across Glastonbury.”