The Caligari Experience

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The Caligari Experience

From a German township back in the early 1900s, a magical circus has travelled the crooked streets of time to present to you its curious wares…Whispered about across the decades, re-imagined inside the madhouses of Europe, dreamed in the night-visions of sleepwalkers…This is The Caligari Experience.

The show presents silent-cinema classic The Cabinet of Dr Caligari in a triple screen panorama, around which a 3D projection-mapped set allows the scenes of this beautifully realised film to expand out into the space. Within this immersive setting, the cast perform, peopling the film’s streets and spaces with physical theatre, circus, dance and aerial pieces that extend and explore the films atmosphere, energy and nuances. Weaving together all of these visual elements is the soundscape of Minima’s avant-garde score, synthesising electric guitar, cello, bass and drums into a fusion, which is at times psychedelic, with movements that are beautiful and haunting.

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“Concerned with overabundances of imagination and macabre splendour … mind-altering enhanced screenings. Get carried away”
The Guardian

“The Caligari Experience pushed silent film to its limits… Outrageously brilliant!”
Audience member