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About Us

Compass Presents  programme exciting and interactive encounters that combine a range of visual content, music and performance, presenting it from a new perspective. The Compass crew has been programming exciting and diverse events for seven years. With an annual festival/ show in Bristol, their events combine film, circus, performance and[...]

Past Events

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Past Events

Compass Presents have been running festivals and events for seven years. From film screenings and multi-event festivals, to immersive shows, festival tents and crazy installations, see below for a sample of Compass Presents’ diverse work.                      

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Shambala 2014

Once again the Compass Presents Tent brought their trademark dedication to all things playful and silly to people of Shambala! A huge thank-you to all of the artists, crew and Shambaholics that came and boogied in the Compass tent! Photo Credit: Jamie Koster

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CompassPresents @GlastoLive Glad you got to have a play on Teleconfusion :)
CompassPresents RT @GlastoLive: Just rang one of the dirty calling cards at the Teleconfusion phone booths. Strange things then happened .. http://t.co/BF6
CompassPresents Thanks @gwilymmumford for the write up on Teleconfusion! We aim to please (and confuse, connect & entertain) ;) http://t.co/YeyM6B4OUR

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